University of Chittagong

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Upload Departmental Webpages

Step-by-Step File Uploading Process:

  • Visit site or to upload file/files.
    (If face any problem to open above file uploading site, accept offer to set permission to open it, such as I understand the risk, Get Certificate, etc.).
  • Login using following user name and password (For testing only)
    UserName: chair
    PassWord: 123chair456
  • After login, click on the Upload and Download menu and then Upload to server Tab.
  • Now click on Browse button to select "File/Files" to upload and finally click on the Upload button.
  • To test the uploaded file browsing is OK please visit (For testing only): or or
    (Replace "xyz.html" or "xyz.php" with uploaded file "name.extension")

It will be very easy, user friendly and helpful to develop departmental webpages.


N.B. - We can use it as a Web-Drive.

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