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Campus Internet Infrastructure Development:

The Campus Network Infrastructure (Under Ground Optical Backbone, Server Upgrading, WiFi Zone, etc.) Development Works under HEQEP Projects almost has finished & running now. Also High-Speed Internet Connectivity with BDREN under HEQEP Projects is going on.

Internet bandwidth (uploading & downloading) of CU has increased to 150mbps/150mbps from 51mbps/51mbps. HEQEP Project-এর আওতায় ক্যাম্পাস ইন্টারনেট নেটওয়ার্ক উন্নয়নের কাজ সমাপ্তির পথে Mirror Link of CU Website: Server1, Server2 Book Cover Unveiling Ceremony Monitor CU internet using history.
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1st Year (Honours) Admission: Different documents of the 1st Year (Honours) Admission Test 2014-2015 are linked below:
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